Now That’s a Boat!


The AzzamMeasuring in at a whopping 590 feet, the new super-yacht, the Azzam, is now listed as the world’s largest yacht.  To even try to comprehend the astronomical cost to build this vessel would likely make your brain hurt just a little.  Seriously, if you had an extra $605 million, why wouldn’t you commission the building of the world’s largest boat?

You can read the full story here.

But if you just want the details, here you go.

  • The Azzam is 57 feet longer than the previous longest boat on record, the Eclipse.
  • The construction of the boat took approximately 3 years
  • No one knows the identity of the owner
  • The yearly upkeep is estimated to be approximately $60 million
  • The yacht is actually still under construction
  • There are suggestions that the yacht may be outfitted with more amenities than the Eclipse – the Eclipse’s amenities include: two helipads (because one isn’t enough), two swimming pools (outdoor and indoor?), a cinema (why not?), a disco (with a boat the size of a small town, you need somewhere to party), a mini-sub with capabilities to dive 150 feet below the ocean surface, bullet-proof glass and armor plating lining that master bedroom, and a missile defense system (I don’t even know what to say about that)

The biggest downside of a boat this size is that many destination ports aren’t equipped to house a boat of this size.  It would seem that the smart play here would be to have a mini-yacht housed inside of the Azzam.  This way, the Azzam can drop anchor off the coast, and everyone can still get to shore at there destination port.

That just leaves one question: Who will man the missile defense system?  The heavily-armored and armed guards, of course!  What was I thinking?

To be honest, I love boats.  I love yachts.  But I personally think even this is a little too much.

But, when you want to live in luxury, you may as well go all out!